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12th West Coast Salsa Congress $30.00

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76 SHows - Duration : 04h 28mn 23s

Alma Latina Kids and Coppelia Tijuana - LA / Tijuana
Alma Latina Pro - LA / Tijuana
Alma Latina Semi-Pro - LA
Amicitia - LA
Andrea and Clifton Cadance - Toronto
Andy Cruz and Kimberley Rivera - Chicago / NY
Ansima Production Ballet (2) - Italy
Baila Society with Miss USA - NY
Billy Farjado and Katie Marlow - LA
Brendon Segovia - Chicago
Chilital - Montreal
Chiquito y su Dominican Power - Santo Domingo / Italy
Christian Oviedo and Liz Lira - LA
Danzanna Productions - Inland Empire
Eddie Torres (2) - NY
Eddie Torres and Griselle Ponce (2) - NY / NJ
Edwin Rivera and Lallo - LA
Eider and Luisa (2) - Cali
Eleggua - Japan
Eli and Yen (2) - Philadelphia
Envy - Tokyo
Francisco Vazquez and Charlene Rose - LA
Gigi from Ritmo y Sabor - LA
Griselle Ponce - NJ
Griselle Ponce's Jersey's Finest - NJ
Grizzly and Francis - LA
Grupo Invicta - Singapore
Hacha y Machete - Boston
Imagen Latina - Venezuela
Iran and Natasha - San Diego
Johnier and Dayian of Constelacion latina - Cali
Josie Neglia and Arturo Ramirez - LA
Junior and Emily - LA
Lady Organika - Tokyo
Latin Energy Kids - Toronto
Latin Jazz Diana-mite - Tokyo
Liz Lira Dance Co - LA
Majesty In Motion - San Diego
Manuel Dos Santos + LA Students - Toronto
Marco B and The Flamboyan Dancers (2I - )taly
Maykel Fonts - Cuba
MG Dance Team - El Monte
Paradizo Dance Dave and Zoe - NY
Paradizo Dance and Baila Society - NY
Paso de Oro - LA
Positive Energy - San Diego
Pretty Boys and Girls - San Francisco
Rekreation - Houston
Rica Salsa (2) - San Francisco
Ricardo y Viviana - Cali
Ritmo y Sabor - Oaxaca, Mexico
Roberto and Marie Jose Chilital - Montreal
Salsa Atomica Orange - County
Salsabor y Cache - LA
Salsabrosa - Tokyo
Salsamania - San Francisco
Salseras Dance Co. - Sweden
Saoco - Cali
Serena - San Diego
Sin City Salseros - Las Vegas
Team Addict - Tokyo
The Cobo Brothers - NC
The Swing Guys (2) - Italy
Tito and Tamara - Puerto Rico
Tropical Rythm - LA
Tulane Rivera and Wilfried Rodriguez - UK / Cuba
Victor and Gaby - Mexico
Wabisabi - Tokyo
Yamulee (2) - NY

78 Shows - Duration : 03h 54min 50s
Thursday / Friday night shows - Afternoon Shows
Ambiance - Honorees : 00h 45mn

Adejo _ Japan
Adrian Acosta & Mia Neglia_ LA
Alma Latina Bachata _ LA
Alma Latina Intermediate _ LA
Alma Latina Kids _ Tijuana / LA
Alma y Sabor Ladies _ Orange County
Amigos del Solar _ Mexico
Bachata Caliente _ LA
Bachata Caliente Pro _ LA
Bachata Caliente Semi-Pro_ LA
Baila Society _ New York
Bajari de Yamulee _ NY
Charlene Rose Dance Co _ LA
Chilital Amateur Team _ Montreal
Chilital Juniors _ Montreal
Chilital Sangre Nueva _ Montreal
Chiquito and Alice _ Santo Domingo / Italy
Chris and Michele _ Alaska
City of Angels Salseras _ LA
Constelacion Latina _ Cali
Corazon Dancers Trining Te_amTallahassee
Corazon Dancers Veterran _ Tallahassee
Diangelis and Jonathan _ Puerto Rico
Distinto y Differente _ Sin City / LA
E and E Dance Artistry _ San Francisco
E. Mayimbe (2) _ Seattle
Eddie Torres and Griselle P_oncNeY / NJ
Fusion Sol Naciente _ Japan
Grizzly Dance Co. _ LA
Grupo Invicta _ Singapore
Imagen Latina _ Venezuela
Javier y Anna _ Panama / Italy
L.A. Dance Co. Am. _ LA
LA Fusion Dance Co. _ LA
Ladies in Red _ LA
Ladies Mambo Dance Co. _ San Francisco
Latin Street Dance Co. _ Chicago
Liz Lira L.A. Dance Co intermediates Los Angeles
Liz Lira L.A. Dance Co Semi Am _ LA
Los Bombitos _ Tokyo
Majesty In Motion (2) _ San Diego
Mambo Inc (2) _ Los Angeles
Mamboleo Amateur _ San Diego
Manuel Dos Santos _ Toronto
Manuel Dos Santos and Lucky TSoirpointo
Marco B y su Flamboyan DancIetarsly
Masaki and Minako _ Tokyo
MG Dance Kid Team _ El Monte
Omar y Yared _ Tijuana / LA
On Beat _ Orange County
Patrick Danquah Cadance_ Toronto
PB and G Amateurs _ San Francisco
PB and G New Generation _ San Francisco
Pepe and Angel _ Orange County
Poder Latino _ LA
Prodigy Salsa Dance _ Fresno
Projecto Mania _ San Francisco
Raymond and Jenalyn _ Toronto
Rekreation _ Houston
Reyes de la Rumba _ LA
Rica Sensacion _ San Francisco
Ritmo y Magia Latina _ LA
Ritmo Y Sabor _ Pico Rivera
Ritmo Y Sabor Ladies _ LA
Rompe y Tumba _ San Diego
Ron y Nina _ Lahoya
Royal Elegance _ San Diego
Salsa Divas _ San Diego
Salsa Divas Pro _ San Diego
Salsa Pacom _ Japan
Salsa Rica _ Calgary
Salsabor y Cache Semi-Pro_ LA
Son de Mania _ San Francisco
The Latin Symbolics _ San Francisco
Victor and Catherine _ Hollywood
Yukiko & Abraham _ Orange County / LA

Video production : Videosalsa.com
Director : Emmanuel Darley
Cameras : Helene Szabo Darley - Benjamin Balp - Jonathan Leclerc

DVD will Ship by 11/10/2010
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